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What is aquarium substrate?

The aquarium substrate is the layer of sand and gravel at the bottom of the tank. The aquarium background is an indispensable part for the aquarium because it supports and affects the ecology and organisms in the aquarium.

Usually the nutrients in the aquarium are located in the substrate. Therefore, the substrate creates a ventilated environment for plant roots to absorb nutrients. Along with the filter system to create oxygen gas, the substrate is a good condition for beneficial microorganisms to grow. Not only that, the background of the aquarium also creates beauty, increases the natural part, realizes the outside space and brings a feeling of closeness and real nature to your aquarium.

Classification of ground soil
  • Background space for aquariums
This type of background is quite complex and has been around for a long time. The full space background system consists of a baffle plate with a hole about 5cm deep under the sand to create space for still water. The outer wall is covered with sand, forming a layer with a depth of about 10cm. The still water space is the place to store nutrients for the aquarium
  • Thick sand background for aquarium
The thick sand bed consists of a fairly fine layer of sand deep at the bottom of the aquarium. The advantage of this type of substrate is that it accelerates biological processes in the aquarium, reducing harmful nitrates. You need to consider when choosing this type of substrate because they take up a lot of space in the depth of the aquarium.
  • Live sand background for aquariums
Living sand is sand from the sea with living creatures living in it. Using live sand as a base for an aquarium is an idea that comes from "breeding" the natural creatures found in the sand. These microorganisms will create a natural environment in the aquarium, helping the fish feel more friendly and closer to nature. However, it is also inevitable that harmful microorganisms should be chosen as fresh as possible.
Because the substrate plays a very important role, when cleaning the aquarium, you need to pay attention and make sure not to lose the balance in the water environment of the tank. Changing the substrate also requires certain techniques, otherwise you will accidentally lose beneficial microorganisms for your aquarium!