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Top plants to help fish live for aquariums

The plants grown in the aquarium collectively known as aquatic plants are an integral part of an aquarium ecosystem. It has both aesthetic value and creates a beautiful landscape and feng shui for your aquarium.
How to choose and grow aquatic plants in the aquarium effectively, both bringing beauty and suitable for home space is what many people are interested in today. An aquarium without aquatic plants is considered lacking in its vitality. Below, let's consult with Hoa Phat Furniture for some good experiences in choosing to decorate the aquarium with plants grown in the aquarium - aquatic plants effectively!
Experience in choosing and decorating aquariums with aquarium plants - aquatic plants
1. Overview of aquatic plants
In an aquarium, plants actually only play a secondary role, but without these aquatic plants, the aquarium loses its value in many ways. Regarding the inherent aesthetic value of the plants grown in the aquarium with diverse tree shapes and leaf shapes, if you know how to choose and combine with the right fish, it will create a wonderful, magical space. Your aquarium becomes a vivid picture of nature with creatures and plants that blend beautifully.

In terms of effects, aquatic plants are both decorative objects, hiding places, food for fish, breeding places and effective water filtration. If carefully combined with the right lighting, these plants will become even more prominent, creating an interesting beauty for the aquarium space.

In terms of taxonomy, aquatic plants are divided into 3 main types: those that live on the surface of the water, those that live in the water, and those that live on both the surface and the bottom. Depending on the needs and structure of the aquarium, people can choose the right plants to help create a harmonious space for the tank, help the fish relax and feel like they are living in a natural environment. actually.
2. Some plants in the aquarium are beautiful and easy to grow
2.1 Cryptocoryne
The species of water hyacinth with the scientific name is Cryptocoryne belongs to the family of aquatic plants with a variety of leaves depending on the size and shape. This plant is native to Singapore, Malaysia and is often found in streams in nature.
2.2  Microsorum pteropus
It is a widely distributed tree that grows in water and even on land in small bushes, the leaves are long and hard, very brittle, the trunk and trunk are hairy, and the black auxiliaries are as thin as hair. This plant likes to live on rocks and grows in humid places. This is a spicy species that many people believe to choose for family aquariums because it is easy to grow, to live even in low light conditions, it can still grow.
2.3 Eleocharis acicularis
Is a plant that lives in the middle layer, with the rhizome growing horizontally without leaves. The body of this aquarium plant is bright green and grows in 2-3 cm straight bunches like a lawn. This plant is often chosen for the bottom of small tanks or planted in the middle of large aquariums, growing plants need sandy soil and lots of light.
2.4 Sagittaria
This is a submerged plant with the stem growing deep in the mud, the leaves protruding from the water, the leaves are triangular in shape like sweet potatoes with beautiful small bunches of flowers. In addition to being used as an ornamental, a place for fish to lay eggs, the stem and tubers of this plant can also be eaten and used as medicine.
3. Some reference drugs for the aquarium

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