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Revealing how to effectively treat mossy aquarium water, without changing the water

Aquariums made of glass, plastic or cement... all have moss growth after a period of rearing. Many people wonder why using clean water still grows moss? How to effectively treat mossy aquarium water? Please refer to the following instructions immediately, ensuring that it only takes 2 minutes, you will have a clean fish tank without changing the water.
1. Why is the aquarium mossy?
 Raising ornamental fish is currently very popular with families. Fishing is not only a passion but also helps people relieve stress after hard working days. Not only that, the appearance of an indoor aquarium also makes the space more beautiful, luxurious and extremely good for feng shui. With "luxury" fish like Koi fish, owning a Koi pond also makes homeowners show their class.
However, there is one "problem" that makes most of the "fishers" headache that is moss. Whether kept in glass aquariums, plastic tanks, cement tanks or artificial aquariums, mosses grow, causing unsightly beauty and affecting the health of fish. Learn how to treat aquarium water with moss, want to eradicate moss thoroughly, first you need to understand why moss forms? Let's take a look at some of the reasons that every 1001 aquariums encounter:
2. Too much light
Lighting with lights 24/24 or placing the aquarium in a place where there is a lot of sunlight is the cause of rapid moss growth. You may not know, moss loves light. The excess light caused the tank to quickly become mossy.
3. Excess phosphate and nitrate 
Phosphate and nitrate are two nutrients that mosses and harmful algae are extremely fond of. Nitrates can be produced from fish feces or from food waste. Therefore, when raising too many fish in the tank or giving too much food that the fish do not eat all of it, it is the cause of moss production in the aquarium. 
4. Long time no cleaning, water change 
Releasing fish and feeding fish is easy, but cleaning and changing the water makes many people hesitate, so it is rarely done. That's why moss quickly forms. By not washing the tank for a long time, changing the water makes the water dirty and is the cause of promoting algae spores, algae to quickly form and develop. Above are the causes of formation of algae, moss, harmful algae in tanks and aquariums. Next, let's learn about the types of moss that often grow in aquariums and their harmful effects.
5. Safely treat moss in the aquarium with biological products
As mentioned, there are many types of moss in the aquarium that are very stubborn, changing the water will not get rid of them. Therefore, the use of safe probiotics is the recommended solution for everyone who owns an aquarium, aquarium or aquarium.