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The experience of using antibiotics for fish that you are interested in

In order to use antibiotics for fish with high efficiency, farmers should be equipped with the necessary knowledge in how to choose drugs for fish, drugs for rapid weight gain with dosage and time of use, etc. learned and reasonable. With the sharing of experience using antibiotics for fish below, it will help farmers have more effective techniques for improving economic benefits and product quality.
1. How to choose the right antibiotic
Freshwater environment is favorable conditions for gram-negative bacteria (Edwardsiellaictaluri, Speudomonas spp, Aeromonas spp, Flexibacter columnaris, ...) to have the conditions to multiply, proliferate and cause diseases on fish and shrimp. Antibiotics are a panacea that eradicates these harmful bacteria. But there are also some rare cases of bacteria that are more resistant than antibiotics, so they cannot be treated. Farmers should not worry, take samples of sick fish to test with the strongest antibiotic to kill bacteria, avoid using antibiotics that have been treated but have no effect.


In order for shrimp and fish to absorb antibiotics well, farming households should mix food and antibiotics together and then release them into ponds and lakes. But one thing to note is that when choosing antibiotics to treat aquatic animals, you should choose drugs that have good food solubility. If the drug is not used correctly, the medicine will be washed away when dropped into the water, the fish will not be able to absorb it, leading to an unresolved disease situation, and farmers will lose their crops. There are also some industrial feeds that, when mixed with antibiotics, lose their effectiveness, so when using food in combination with antibiotics, farmers should carefully check the composition of the feed.
2. Principles of antibiotic use
Farmers should not abuse antibiotics too much, it will make aquatic animals susceptible to drugs. Using antibiotics at the right dose, at the right period, with the right disease and at the right time can help shrimp and fish to quickly recover from disease. And this is the most effective way to use antibiotics for aquatic animals.
3. Some drugs for your reference

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