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Indispensable aquarium accessories that we should know

Depending on the size of the tank, the breed of fish, and the plants, they will choose a filter code that is suitable for the tank. Aquarium farming is not only decoration and feng shui, but many players, especially young people, also feel excited and passionate. That is why it is easier to choose aquarium accessories or it is not difficult to buy quality aquarium accessories. Let's follow the article below.

1.What are fish tank accessories?

If you want to have a complete aquarium, you will certainly not be able to lack aquarium accessories including different components with the task of maintaining the life and growth of the aquarium. And now with the urgent need for those who have the need to raise ornamental fish, the designs and types of accessories are also constantly increasing with the competition of domestic and imported products. However, it is important that aquarium accessories are suitable for the purpose of use as well as the cost to be both effective and economical, especially in the current economic situation.

2. Types of indispensable aquarium accessories?

Aquarium:  Depending on the size of the fish you want to keep, choose the right aquarium size and can follow the principle: the length of the tank is 3 times the length of the fish so that the fish can live healthy with a large environment. cobble.

Oxygen aerator: The aerator has the effect of increasing oxygen in the water by blowing air into the water environment and creating artificial flows, then the oxygen-containing air will be dissolved into the water to help aquatic animals. in a healthy respiratory tank. Depending on the need to use for 1 tank or many tanks, use smooth or normal effervescence to choose the appropriate effervescent code.

Aquarium lights: Usually, many families choose to light up the aquarium not only to beautify the scenery but also to help regulate the appropriate water temperature. Note, for red fish, you should use a purple-pink ball, and for yellow and silver fish, the white light is the most suitable. If you have an indoor aquarium, you should choose a white light with a Benxiang trough and Jebo ball, the price is relatively high but the durability is high.

Decorations: Aquarium decorations such as pebbles, aquatic plants.. are widely sold at aquarium stores and you can easily choose them without taking too much time.

Probiotics for fish: Aquarium microorganisms work to help balance the ecosystem for water, help decompose waste and organic residues in the lake, ensure your aquarium is clear, eliminate fishy odors, remove toxins. harmful to fish. Good microorganisms are also known as beneficial bacteria, beneficial bacteria, beneficial microorganisms

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