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Aquarium probiotics help treat aquarium water quickly

After a period of rearing, the aquarium shows signs of change and the water is no longer as clear as the original. So what is the cause of this situation? What are the most effective probiotics made in aquarium water? Take a look at our following articles to learn more.
1. Causes of water color changes in aquariums

-  It is possible that the quality of the replacement water is less than that of the original water causing the water to become cloudy. In particular, if you use dug well water in areas with bad soil, when pumping up containing mud, it will be difficult to avoid this situation.

– The aquarium has not been cleaned, there is still dirt inside the tank.
The amount of fish waste in the tank is too much.
– The water filtration system in the aquarium is not working well or has not met the standards.
– Each time you feed the fish too much, it leads to waste food and changes the color of the water.
- Algae, moss, and toxic fungus growth are also the cause of changes in the water in the tank.
3. What causes the aquarium to change color? 
The fact that the aquarium after a period of farming is changed to green is due to the appearance of algae. An algae that has the ability to flower and grow and develop very strongly. In any water environment, they can survive and float on the surface of the water, causing the water to change color.
2. Benefits of probiotics when made in aquarium water
Probiotics are great for stimulating beneficial microorganisms. Competing for habitat with harmful microorganisms, maintaining a stable environment for the aquarium.
It is used to convert organic substances from algae carcasses, leftovers to residue to change into inorganic substances, which are not harmful to fish.
– Converting toxic substances such as NO2-, NH3, ... into non-toxic substances such as NH4+, NO3-... so that the water source in the aquarium always maintains stability.
Diseases, fungi from fish will also lead to this situation.
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