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The effect of microbes in the aquarium is better than you might think

What is the effect of microorganisms in the aquarium. When playing aquatic games, the most concern is that the water environment is always clean. Since many aquarium fish are very sensitive to the external environment when the aquarium water does not ensure safety parameters, they can get sick or die from infections due to weak resistance. Not only fish, many species of plants are susceptible to wilting and damaged if the standard of microbiological ecosystem is imbalanced. Most of the problem is due to the inadequate supply of the current microbiota in the lake. However, if you know how to create and replenish microorganisms, your aquarium will always be clean and healthy plants and animals. So what is the use of aquarium microorganisms?

1. What is the effect of aquarium microbiology?

Fish, aquarium shrimps are raised in a closed system, we think that bringing fish into the lake will isolate from the outside natural environment and control environmental factors such as temperature, pH, oxygen, installation. assembling the filters, the water circulation circulates and disperses continuously. Yes, but during fish farming, your tank is affected by daily water changes, food sources, ambient temperature and lighting.

Your aquarium is a man-made environment, so the elements (especially microorganisms in the water) that are beneficial to the fish must be created to ensure the fish is healthy and to balance the ecosystem in the tank. This issue many people do not care much, so is a mistake. The aquarium microbiology works to balance the ecosystem of the water, helps to disintegrate waste and organic residues in the lake, ensure your lake is clear, remove odors, remove harmful substances. fish. Good microorganisms are also known with other names as probiotics, beneficial bacteria, and beneficial microorganisms.

Effects of microorganisms in the aquarium


2. Why need to nourish microorganisms for aquariums

All filters need a microbiological system to treat water, not just install a filter, use filter material for the aquarium is done. This is the mistake of many people. The most important element of cleaning and in water is the microbiota, the effect of microorganisms in the aquarium is direct water treatment, and the filter material is just the substrate, where to live live, cling, proliferate and develop. Without using probiotics to support the growth of microorganisms, gradually there will be microorganisms in the tank, but the time for them to multiply is very slow.

Lọc có thể giữ lại cặn bẩn từ hồ thủy sinh như chất thải phân cá, thức ăn dư thừa còn sót lại. Nếu lâu ngày không được xử lý để chúng phân hủy hết hòa tan trong nước sẽ phát sinh ra những vi khuẩn, nấm...nước hồ trong nhưng cá vẫn bệnh, biếng ăn, xuống màu, bơi lộ chậm thiếu sự linh hoạt. 

Probiotics probiotics ensure that the aquarium water is clean


3. Effects of microorganisms in the aquarium

Probiotics are common names for probiotics that contain beneficial microorganisms. Depending on the intended use, these microorganisms can be bacteria or fungi. When placed in the right habitat, these microorganisms become active.

3.1 The effects of microorganisms in aquarium with KOIKA on the Nitrogen cycle

Ammonia comes from aquarium fish, which is discharged directly into the lake. For a long time, if the ammonia is not removed, the increasing concentration will affect the ability of plants and animals to grow in the lake. More seriously, ammonia makes fish anorexic, inactive and easy to die. The best way to get rid of ammonia - NH3 is to create bacteria that convert them into safe and less harmful substances. Therefore, the presence of probiotics in the Nitrogen cycle is extremely necessary.

The Nitrogen cycle is the process by which nitrogen gas is converted and converted into chemical compounds, which results in better water quality in the lake. Because the cycle helps to supply nutrients to aquatic plants, clean the tank water environment and help clean up the decomposing waste ...

Quality water environment helps fish stay healthy

The nitrogen cycle consists of 3 basic stages:

  • Convert Ammonia to Nitrite (NH3 -> NO2): a bacterium called Nitrosomonas oxidizes ammonia (NH3) to nitrite (NO2).
  • Convert Nitrite to Nitrate (NO2 -> NO3): Next, ammonia converts to nitrite, Nitrosomonas bacteria is formed. However, nitrite in the aquatic environment is still toxic to fish. Nitrite needs to be further treated to make the water environment satisfactory. Thanks to beneficial bacteria oxidize nitrite, the metabolism continues to take place.
  • Reducing Nitrate to Nitrogen (NO3 -> N2): The final stage to complete the nitrogen cycle is involved by anaerobic anaerobic microorganisms.

You can find aquarium probiotics from KOIKA, either in powder or water form for you to flexibly use.

3.2 The effects of microorganisms in the KOIKA aquarium help clean water

The lake is prone to turbidity, and the waste debris deposited on the bottom of the tank is too much of a cause because the long-accumulated waste produces yellow pigments. Wastes from water-soluble particles and organic matter cause water quality pollution to decrease, creating a fishy odor in the aquarium that requires fish players to regularly perform water changes.

Periodic water changes are inevitable for cleaning the tank and aquarium, and aquarium hobbyists tend to get tired and frustrated with the process. Changing water takes time, many wingers share experiences with the use of activated carbon to remove organic waste. However, activated carbon is like water filtration that requires periodic renewal.

Yeast balances aquatic microorganisms within 24 hours

Aquarium hobbyists want to significantly reduce the time and care process for fish and tanks, they choose to use probiotic products that provide aerobic and heterotrophic bacteria (microorganisms). Aerobic bacteria treat organic matter as food to absorb and assimilate nitrate / phosphate levels in water. But the time for the aquarium to appear first microorganisms takes about 1 week. To want good quality water, it is necessary to provide enough microorganisms for the lake, during this period it takes nearly a month. Waiting time is too long, easily discouraging them. Therefore, KOIKA realizes the need for microorganisms and wants to help aquarium hobbyists be able to fulfill their hobby has produced liquid and powder probiotics to increase their speed. remove nitrate.


3.3 Effects of KOIKA microorganisms to maintain the ecosystem

The effects of microorganisms in the aquarium from KOIKA help maintain the ecosystem in the aquarium. These probiotics are extremely convenient. For the aquarium that is being kept, the farmer can mix it with food or mix it directly into the water environment without removing the fish. Probiotics KOIKA is not harmful to aquarium fish, on the contrary, it also creates beneficial bacteria that help the digestive system of aquatic animals better. Buying and using probiotics if not used correctly will not work as well for your aquarium.

Probiotics KOIKA brand reputation in Vietnam market

When used probiotics need to comply with the instructions printed on the package. Each form of preparation, depending on the characteristics, will have different usage and dosage. The aquarium hobbyist should pay attention to buying probiotics with clear origin packaging labels. KOIKA is a reputable probiotics brand on the market today with a full range of liquid and powder probiotics. In addition, KOIKA is the first brand in Vietnam market to receive the certificate of conformity according to National Technical Regulations (QCVN) and many certifications:

  • Meet the standards of the Biofinished Products Factory of the Directorate of Fisheries.
  • Achieved international certification ISO 22000 and GMP by KMR Korea (a member of the international ISO certification organization).
  • KOIKA BAC + products have been certified for free sale (CFS - Certificate of Free Sale No. 1493 / TCTS-NTTS of the General Department of Fisheries of Vietnam issued on August 13, 2020), and at the same time passed the inspection of specialized agency and meet import standards in the US market and Southeast Asian countries.
  • The product has passed the rigorous censorship process, has met strict requirements and is now available on Amazon's global e-commerce platform.
  • KOIKA is a brand that is trusted by many domestic aquarium associations. And through this article, KOIKA also hopes to partly explain what effect aquarium microorganisms have for your readers to refer.